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Best MIDI Keyboards 2022

MIDI keyboards are fantastic tools for enhancing your music production. Our recommended list covers the top 10 MIDI keyboards on the market right now.

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learn music production

How to Learn Music Production

Music production is a complex process involving a lot of knowledge in music theory, software, and other elements. While it might seem overwhelming initially, it is essential

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Best Vocal Plugins

Top 10 Best Vocal Plugins

Editing your vocal tracks will help you achieve a professional result when producing music or podcasts. A raw recording of a vocal track is rarely suitable. There

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best guitar vst plugins

Best Guitar VST Plugins

If you’re a musician, you might be curious about VSTs—or you might be using them yourself already. Then again, some of you may be asking yourselves, “What’s

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DJing With CDJs

There is quite a big list when it comes to choosing DJ essentials and equipment that suits your preferences and needs.

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Thanks to Music Giants, I finally found my perfect soundcard! Now my vocals sound sharper and cleaner, and I can use it to perform live gigs with my band in complete confidence.
Samantha Carter
Jazz Vocalist
The reviews on Music Giants allowed me to gather the much-needed knowledge and info before upgrading my home setup. Incredibly happy with all the purchases I’ve made so far!
Dan Phillips
Techno Producer

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