Best Laptop Backpacks For DJs

Practically all DJs can relate to the stress and anxiety of having to cart their gear around with them to gigs. It’s one thing being paranoid about having to store your laptop or records behind the decks in a venue you’ve never been to before, but it’s a completely different problem when you’re traveling long distances and you suddenly get hit by a bad bout of weather that your backpack can’t handle, or it starts to fall apart in general due to wear and tear. All of these scenarios put your precious and expensive gear at risk and can easily expose it to damage. 

The good news is that these things are pretty common, which is why a few manufacturers have taken the traveling needs of DJs into account and come up with a handful of fantastically-built backpacks specifically for DJs.

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What are the Best Backpacks for DJs?

Every DJ is different when it comes to personal preference for how they want to store their gear. As such, deciding which is the best DJ backpack is not going to be the same for everyone. The best way to know is to establish your own requirements in terms of portability, pockets/storage, material, and cost. If you’re going to be carting a lot of stuff around, you’ll also want to make sure it’s big enough to handle all your gear without being too bulky and heavy for you to carry. 

So, with these things in mind, let’s run through our top recommendations for the best DJ backpacks and carry cases:

Best Backpacks


Odyssey BRLBACKSPIN2 Redline Series "Backspin 2" Digital Gear Backpack

Odyssey’s Digital Stuff backpack is built to withstand all of the demands of DJs and various digital creators. On top of its stylish and roomy design, there are plenty of other favorable features that any DJ serious about their craft and protecting their gear will surely appreciate. 

Thanks to its durable material and nicely-organized design, the Backspin 2 backpack is ideal for those with numerous odds and ends and equipment they need to transport to their gigs and studio sessions regularly. It has designated pockets that can hold everything from your laptop and cables to a MIDI or DJ controller and microphone, with an extra pocket for a laptop stand and smaller compartments for things like USBs, keys, wallets, and mobile phones. 

You can open the Backspin 2 in two different ways: flat or on its back for long planning trips and better organization, or standing up for easy access to the stuff you need that you’ll be using in the DJ booth.



Summary: On top of its solid material built and convenient size, the BACKSPIN2 DJ Backpack allows you to transport all your digital DJ gear essentials from gig to gig with ease.

Why We Recommend: The Backspin 2 may be quite large and have a basic look, but compared to some backpacks, we didn’t feel like dorks wearing it. Aside from lots of storage, it’s comfortable to wear; the straps fit well, there is a supporting front strap that holds it in place if needed, and there is also mesh, air channels, and padding on the back to keep things cool and provide support for heavy loads.

NOMATIC - Water-Resistant

NOMATIC Backpack- Water-Resistant

The NOMATIC Backpack is a great choice for DJs as well as people who need something sturdy and reliable for everyday use. As well as being made with waterproof materials and zippers, it also can also expand from the original 20L capacity load to 24L, which is a godsend when you need to squeeze a bit more in than you anticipated. The strap system is extremely versatile and lets you alternate between carrying it around like a backpack or a briefcase for times when you want to look a little more classy. 

There are 24 expertly-designed compartments which include 2 magnetic water bottle pockets, other sleek hidden pockets, and RFID safe storage. This allows you to keep everything from phones and chargers to headphones, a laptop, and other gear that you’ll need to take with you on the move. There is even a little pocket especially built to hold your sunglasses for when you’re raving it up and smashing the dancefloor at your next Ibiza gig. It also fits perfectly under your seat during a flight.



Summary: As well as being made with waterproof materials and zippers, it also can also expand from the original 20L capacity load to 24L, which is a godsend when you need to squeeze a bit more in than you anticipated.

Why We Recommend: Nomatic’s waterproof backpack is perfect for the laptop DJ and the new-age digital nomad who needs tons of compartments to store their work gear. We love the fact you can use it as both a backpack and briefcase, as this makes it much easier to pull out your laptop when you’re going through security at an airport. While the zippers seem a little flimsy, Nomatic really put a lot of thought into the design of this bag overall, and it feels like it’s built to last.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Plus

Bellroy Transit Backpack Plus

Bellroys’ Transit Backpack gives the original much-loved classic a huge upgrade to its performance and design. The whole thing now has extra padding that provides a snug fit for any laptop or device up to 13 inches. There are also extra pockets to keep a water bottle upright and even a separate pocket for keeping dirty shoes away from your gear. The 38L storage capacity means you can board practically any flight knowing you safely fit the cabin space requirements, and you can easily store the bag under your seat. 

With its spacious capacity, effortless internal organization, and quick user access to your essentials via the pocket on the front, this durable and versatile carry-all backpack is the ideal companion for DJs, businessmen and women, as well as for people who take regular breaks and weekend getaways. The Bellroy Transit backpack also comes in three different colors: black, night sky, and ranger green.



Summary: With its spacious capacity, effortless internal organization, and quick user access to your essentials via the pocket on the front, this durable and versatile carry-all backpack is the ideal companion for DJs.

Why We Recommend: On top of being comfy, roomy, and made from earth-conscious, recycled materials (yet you would never know), the Transit backpack feels super high quality. It also has leather accents in certain places to give it that expensive look, plus a cool seal over the zippers so that when you zip it close, it covers the zipper, hiding it and making it more water resistant.


MAGMA DJ Bag Riot Backpack XL

If you’re a performer or DJ who regularly travels with heavy mixers and controllers, the Magma DJ Bag Riot Backpack is definitely something you should consider. Designed to accommodate the specs and dimensions of the most popular DJ controllers on the market like the Pioneer’s DJM-T1 and the Traktor S4 and S5, the Riot DJ Backpack enables you to easily and comfortably store a controller and a laptop up to 1 inches, alongside smaller accessories such as cables, headphones, mobile, a set of keys, and a wallet. 

It also features foam-protected panels with removable dividers which allow you to customize the storage compartments within the bag as you move around. It’s also ideal for taking to festivals and using on occasions where the weather isn’t particularly forgiving, as the whole thing is manufactured from PVC tarpaulin. This means your gear will be high and dry even in the harshest conditions.



Summary: The Magma Riot DJ Backpack is the newest and most compact backpack model in the Riot range, and it’s specially designed for the traveling digital DJ.

Why We Recommend: While there aren’t any nice additional add-on features to this backpack, such as built-in USB charging or a sleeve for a water bottle, it won’t let you down when it comes to basic DJing and transport needs. The pockets and dividers section off nicely to keep all of your gear well organized. It’s also well padded inside and out to protect your gear from scratches, knocks, and other damage.

BOPAI Intelligent Increase

Bopei’s Intelligent Increase backpack is one that really got us excited when we first tried it out. Not only is it expandable to give you 50% more storage space when you need it, but it also comes equipped with several handy features and functionalities that are perfect for DJs and anyone who wants to ensure their stuff is protected and safe. 

First of all, its durable nylon material makes it extremely water-resistant while preventing you from sweating when it’s on your back thanks to the self-cooling system. It can easily store a laptop and ipad up to 17.6 inches and the invisible pocket with anti-explosion zipper means you’re protected against the prospect of theft, or having your backpack slashed to get to the valuables inside. 

The Intelligence Increase backpack is also highly portable thanks to the padded top handle that can be secured on top of a suitcase, as well as the padded straps that make carrying  it on your back comfortable and easy.



Summary: The Intelligent Increase backpack can easily store a laptop and ipad up to 17.6 inches. The invisible pocket with an anti-explosion zipper means you’re protected against the prospect of theft, or having your backpack slashed to get to the valuables inside.

Why We Recommend:

We love how practical and versatile this bag is. On top of being great for DJs in terms of storing their most essential gear, it’s also great for travelers and students thanks to its anti-theft properties and highly weather resistant materials. It’s also really comfy on the straps, so you won’t get sore shoulders or back ache after a few hours like most backpacks. 

Orbit Concepts Jetpack-Cut-BLK

At first, it may seem like the Jetpack Prime by Orbit doesn’t offer too much to DJs. However, this backpack has a substantial number of finer qualities that easily cover the essential needs of most DJs, and its unassuming design makes it an ideal gear-transporting companion. 


The Jetpack Prime is made from waterproof ballistic nylon – which makes it amazingly strong and durable while also allowing you to handle it comfortably. The backpack also has dedicated compartments within the design that includes a compartment for a mixer, a mesh pocket for a set pair of headphones, as well as a vinyl sleeve for storing sleeveless records, making it perfect for the traveling turntablist. 


With its padded shoulder straps and additional strap that can be fastened around the chest, the Jatpack offers ultimate comfort without compromising on style. There are also thumb loops for easy handling, along with a mesh padded back that’s aerated to reduce moisture retention and excess sweat.



Summary: Orbit Concepts’ JetPack Prime includes all the latest configurations and features with a newly upgraded elemental design that makes it one of the best all-in-one DJ backpacks on the market right now.

Why We Recommend: The Jetpack really is an awesome bag with plenty of room and portability for all your DJ and turntablist needs. We managed to comfortably stuff it with a PT01 scratch, Bose Soundlink III, several 10 – 7 inch records, cables, power banks, tripod, camera, audio recorder, plus a 13-inch Macbook and hoodie all inside with a water bottle on the outside. Not only is it extremely comfortable even after long periods of travel, but it’s also well padded inside and out to give you a nice feel while carrying it, and peace of mind that your gear is protected.

Tips for using a DJ backpack

  • Never try to overfill your backpack or put too much heavy gear inside
  • Try to avoid keeping protruding or sharp objects in the bag that could scratch your equipment or cut the materials (a DJ backpack is a great and sometimes costly investment, so you don’t want to make a careless mistake and ruin it).
  • Never store things like hot liquids or flasks next to the equipment in your bag. The heat generated could ruin your gear and your backpack, and you also risk leaks and spillages that would mean you end up needing to replace both.


On a side note, while most DJ backpacks are indeed weather-resistant or waterproof, you should still aim to keep your backpack dry and not exposed to rain or moisture as much as possible. Even the best materials can still wear down over time; therefore, you don’t want to put all your trust in waterproof fabrics. You want your backpack to last as long as possible! 

If you do get caught in the rain, it’s always best to air your backpack out, so it has a chance to dry properly. That way, you avoid moisture retention and the risk of your backpack developing an unpleasant smell or odor.


DJ backpacks can provide musicians and traveling DJs with a safe and reliable means of being able to move their gear around between gigs, performances, and studio sessions.  Whatever kind of DJ backpack you plan to purchase, always account for the size and capacity so it can handle all your gear, and ensure it offers lots of comfort in terms of padding, portability, and compartments to store all your essentials. Not all DJ backpacks are built the same, so take your time looking for an appropriate one to ensure you get the most from your investment.  

With this in mind, we hope this guide and recommendations aid you in looking for a top-quality backpack that suits all your needs. Happy traveling!

Different types of DJ equipment

DJ Headphoes

You can’t DJ properly if you can’t hear what you’re doing or gauge what the audience is hearing. This is why a top-class pair of headphones is essential in any DJ setup. There are hundreds of great headphones on the market, but what you need to factor in when buying is whether they will be in-ear or over-ear, the cup size, orientation, comfort, and durability, among other things.

Different types of DJ equipment


 If you haven’t got some already and need to add speakers to your shopping list, you’ll want to avoid cheap brands and opt for some which are powerful but suitable for your DJing environment. You wouldn’t go out and buy a huge PA system if you live in a cupboard under the stairs, and you wouldn’t invest in some tiny desk speakers if you are mixing in a large room with thick walls and high ceilings. A set of speakers that fit somewhere in the middle is best.

Different types of DJ equipment

DJ Software

If you’re looking to play solely digital, you’re going to want to invest in some good software. Some DJs who play from USB still do not use software, but the truth is, it can seriously help you stay organized. Software not only allows you to prepare your tracks into neat and tidy playlists, but it also detects the BPM and key of all your tunes, lets you set hot cues, make loops, mashups, and other really cool stuff that wouldn’t be possible if you simply stuck all your tunes on a USB stick or burned them to CD. If you’re just starting out as a DJ, there’s no question that using a high-quality software program will make mixing easier and your sets sound better.

Different types of DJ equipment


 DJ controllers are highly convenient because they are an all-in-one setup that you can carry around with you, then plug in and play right off the bat. They also eliminate the need to spend thousands on individual pieces of gear. There are many different types of DJ controllers that are ideal for beginners, each with different functions, personalities, and more. Some are fantastic for multi-deck mixing, changing the volume, tempo, track settings, looping, panning, playing drum pads, and even scratching.

Different types of DJ equipment


For any analog DJ setup, a mixer is an essential bit of kit. Besides being used to make seamless transitions from one song to another, they also have a wide range of other functions. The crossfader can be used to make epic scratch performances, while the vertical sliders control the volume levels, panning, and can be used in conjunction with effects. They also act as a soundcard to process the music signal you’re sending out to your audience, and let you cue up your next track in your headphones while the current song is playing.

Different types of DJ equipment


As mentioned, mixing on turntables is the classic way of DJing, and even some digital DJs still have a vinyl player or two in their repertoire. Turntables are ideal for those who want to get into scratching. They also allow you to switch between songs and albums, slow down tempos, alter the pitch, and do other creative tricks. While laptops and digital DJ setups are the most popular in this day in age, we still recommend learning how to mix on vinyl, even if you don’t plan to buy turntables or use them in your setup. The saying is true – if you can play on wax, you can play on anything.