NI Releases the Innovative Vocal Plugin: Mysteria

The creators behind some of the world’s best drum VSTs and virtual instruments have recently joined forces with Baronowsky and Galaxy Instruments; unveiling an all-new, sexy vocal plugin to coincide with your production and music making software.

Mysteria is a state-of-the-art vocal instrument that took 4 live choir ensembles to bring it into all its angelic glory. The plugin is made up of 350 unique presets which includes eerie footsteps, chilling whispers and weird noises to help bring out some truly haunting atmospheres in your projects.

The XY pad is definitely the linchpin of Mysteria’s perplexing sound design capabilities, with the option to morph between sound sources using the X-axis, and the ability to modulate the intensity of the sample you’re using with the Y-axis. Both open up new celestial gateways for adding “evolving sounds, quick bursts of energy, intimate vocal shifts and epic, building walls of sound” as NI so neatly put it!

There are some other notably impressive features too, including the ability to shift and add granular control to voices, create customizable layers, modulate the intensity of emotion in each sound, and construct your own individual chords and patches from the ground up using the Cluster Designer.

Mysteria sports a clean, single-play interface with glide, pan, shift and other modulation effects to create the ultimate in cinematic soundscapes, tones, and layers; all stemming from the sublime interiority of the human voice.

Get ready for cold sweats and nightmares, because this is a plugin that certainly delivers the chills and thrills on all fronts!

Also to Welcome to the NI Family

NI also released some tantalizing new additions to their Kontakt series in recent weeks. The LO-FI GLOW and FADER REELS VST helps you to cook up fresh grooves with 50 track-ready sample kits.

Included in the bundle: epic synth sounds, lo-fi drums, smooth melodies, guitar leads, wobbles, crackles, crunches, foley and everything you could ever need to highlight textures and add more warmth to your tracks.

NI are offering both on a lucrative buy 1 get 1 half price basis for a limited time only! Grab your copies today and don’t miss out!  

Different types of DJ equipment

DJ Headphoes

You can’t DJ properly if you can’t hear what you’re doing or gauge what the audience is hearing. This is why a top-class pair of headphones is essential in any DJ setup. There are hundreds of great headphones on the market, but what you need to factor in when buying is whether they will be in-ear or over-ear, the cup size, orientation, comfort, and durability, among other things.

Different types of DJ equipment


 If you haven’t got some already and need to add speakers to your shopping list, you’ll want to avoid cheap brands and opt for some which are powerful but suitable for your DJing environment. You wouldn’t go out and buy a huge PA system if you live in a cupboard under the stairs, and you wouldn’t invest in some tiny desk speakers if you are mixing in a large room with thick walls and high ceilings. A set of speakers that fit somewhere in the middle is best.

Different types of DJ equipment

DJ Software

If you’re looking to play solely digital, you’re going to want to invest in some good software. Some DJs who play from USB still do not use software, but the truth is, it can seriously help you stay organized. Software not only allows you to prepare your tracks into neat and tidy playlists, but it also detects the BPM and key of all your tunes, lets you set hot cues, make loops, mashups, and other really cool stuff that wouldn’t be possible if you simply stuck all your tunes on a USB stick or burned them to CD. If you’re just starting out as a DJ, there’s no question that using a high-quality software program will make mixing easier and your sets sound better.

Different types of DJ equipment


 DJ controllers are highly convenient because they are an all-in-one setup that you can carry around with you, then plug in and play right off the bat. They also eliminate the need to spend thousands on individual pieces of gear. There are many different types of DJ controllers that are ideal for beginners, each with different functions, personalities, and more. Some are fantastic for multi-deck mixing, changing the volume, tempo, track settings, looping, panning, playing drum pads, and even scratching.

Different types of DJ equipment


For any analog DJ setup, a mixer is an essential bit of kit. Besides being used to make seamless transitions from one song to another, they also have a wide range of other functions. The crossfader can be used to make epic scratch performances, while the vertical sliders control the volume levels, panning, and can be used in conjunction with effects. They also act as a soundcard to process the music signal you’re sending out to your audience, and let you cue up your next track in your headphones while the current song is playing.

Different types of DJ equipment


As mentioned, mixing on turntables is the classic way of DJing, and even some digital DJs still have a vinyl player or two in their repertoire. Turntables are ideal for those who want to get into scratching. They also allow you to switch between songs and albums, slow down tempos, alter the pitch, and do other creative tricks. While laptops and digital DJ setups are the most popular in this day in age, we still recommend learning how to mix on vinyl, even if you don’t plan to buy turntables or use them in your setup. The saying is true – if you can play on wax, you can play on anything.