Music In Times of A Pandemic 2020

The Covid-19 Pandemic has taken a toll on the world that we once knew. Live shows, concerts, studios, and more

The Covid-19 Pandemic has taken a toll on the world that we once knew. Live shows, concerts, studios, and more, are now closed until further notice and most of us are left with the thought of what will happen next?

Social distancing, community quarantines, and lockdown protocols have given everyone, musicians, DJs and producers included, a great struggle to combat. But distance does not mean disconnection and “flatten the curve” does not mean cancellation; we all just need to unleash the creativity within us and take advantage of what we have.

The Sound of Hope Amid A Pandemic — Going Virtual

Reimagine the world, going forward together!

No pandemic can never take the spotlight off music or hinder the joy it brings to everyone. The pace of innovation will always continue whether there is a pandemic, war, Trump re-election, or other disaster. Within this, online platforms have emerged as fast as Covid-19 has managed to spread; opening up a portal of endless opportunities, technological innovations, and new ways of thinking.

Here are a list of new ways that musicians are rising up to make their voices heard:

Live Streaming

From YouTube Live and Facebook Live to all social media and online platforms, you name it — you can always take advantage and use these digital outlets as a way to promote yourself and keep active. Almost everyone took to livestreaming when the restrictions came in. This has been one of the best methods for unleashing their passion and making themselves heard — and it’s produced some unthinkably good results for many.

Some musicians, with the biggest heart and a striving passion, even took this opportunity as an initiative to gather donations to help those who were greatly in need and affected by the current pandemic.

Collaborating Online

Canceled album cover? Project now on hold? Fret not, there is always a way!

Even in a social-distant world, opportunities are around just about every corner — perhaps even a tap of our hand! Just when everyone thought that getting together is pretty much impossible, online platforms have made it so people are still able to be together, but of course — virtually.

It’s important to recreate and consistently develop ourselves as humans. Even in times of Covid-19, we are naturally creative beings who thrive off social and meaningful interactions with others, so why not create art and do it with our virtual friends? There are a wide range of applications available to download, like Zoom and Skype, where talking to a group people have made all sorts of ideas possible. In fact, most of the famous groups and/or bands are taking advantage of it too.

Rediscovering New Trends of Music Together

A pandemic won’t loosen our grip on passion, purpose, or productivity. Never will it be the reason that we lose the very thing that makes us all feel alive — music! Everyone might be advised to distance away from each other a bit, but no pandemic and definitely not Covid-19 can ever disconnect us from the string of sounds and melody.

Let the rhythm flow because there ain’t no stopping or going on hold to our imagination and endless possibilities. Keep moving forward, continue to be creative, and be flexible enough to address these uncertain times with certainty. Know that there are lots of ways and resources that we can always utilize to keep our passions alive. Let your music continue to inspire everyone that hears it and do not stop beating the drum to the sound of your dreams.

Keep healthy, follow protocols, stay safe, and don’t miss out on any chance to celebrate life and music together!

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