Learn the Beat in the Heat of a Pandemic 2020

Time runs fast has pretty much insinuated that this is exactly what the world is experiencing right now.

Has Covid-19 Wreaked Havoc on Music?

Surely, the old phrase “time runs fast” has pretty much insinuated that this is exactly what the world is experiencing right now. And who would have thought that in just a few months, we’ll be flipping another page and turning over into another year?

Fear, confusion, and uncertainty are all emotions we could do without, but there is always a light amid adversity. Sometimes, just sometimes, that light is accompanied with a sound: a melody that incorporates strings, notes from white and black keys, or perhaps something more organic that we’re capable of producing with a few good breaths or clicks of the fingers — this sweet-sounding light is one of the few things that’s keeping us sane and upbeat!

In a case study recently posted on “The Conversation,” researchers pointed out that “the motor system is particularly responsive to the beat, the regular pulse in music that people typically tap or dance along with. The beat has a privileged role in music, capturing our attention and sometimes driving us to move without us even being aware of it. The process by which we synchronize movements to the beat is called entrainment.”

They also added that, “Entrainment allows us to achieve what researchers call interpersonal synchrony, or the alignment of behaviour in time. Being in sync with others is important for many kinds of human behaviour. It enables us to coordinate synchronized actions as a group, from singing in a choir to rowing a boat, as well as the turn-taking behaviours that make for good conversations. The desire for interpersonal synchrony may drive humans to perform music together during this pandemic.”

We might be in a physically distant time but we certainly are connected socially, virtually, in our hearts, and in some particular way — through music!

Play That Playlist

To some, unprecedented time can understandably trigger anxiety. There are different playlists for different moods and ones to suit all tastes of music. Each one is different from the other, so spare some time and create your own playlist! That way, whenever things get a bit overwhelming, you can simply tap it up for easier access. After all, if listening to songs relaxes us, what else can that song offer? Rewire your thoughts of the world and let the music take you into the songs you’d love to listen to. Pick the right musical instrument and learn to play your playlist.

A Companion in a Physically Distant Time

All of us must have heard and/or perhaps experienced by now the virtual changes in the music industry. In tune or not, we all love to sing and hum, why not enhance the experience with a good musical instrument or invest in some professional equipment to make it even more beautiful?  What could honestly be more endearing than learning and creating art together

Quarantine and isolation guaranteed us a lot of spare time to dedicate to our crafts and discover new hobbies, so there’s no point in wasting it… Music is undeniably one of the biggest means of comfort, hope, and entertainment to anyone under stress. Social isolation isn’t the best idea for relationships but it is for pandemic. Since there is no other way to bond and have an outdoor adventure together, consider inviting your circle for a fun-filled musical jam or lesson virtually; unleash the music within and beat that beat!

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